November 27 is almost there. We are working endless hours to make sure we present our best on Viewpoint/Light lab exposition opening in Normann Copenhagen flagship store!

We will present Time To Design winning project “Viewpoint” and the result of our investigations about alternative materials to rethink the lamp as an object. The Strike lamps express a new typology of interior lighting, where the light is shaped directly instead of the lampshade that covers up a common light bulb. Strike is stripped down to its minimum in order to emphasize the light as the main focus. Using a single LED and optical fibers, Strike gives an ambient light that fades out towards the bottom where the light leaves the material and creates a spotlight. Strike lamps are ‘functional ceiling sculptures” that will not only serve as efficient interior lighting but also as monumental objects.

Don’t miss the water boiling! Be there on Thursday 15.00-17.0

Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store Østerbrogade 70, 2100 Copenhagen