Dear friends and collogues!

For more than two months we have been working in the Danish Art Workshops as part of the prize of the Time To Design – Young Talent Award. Now we are proud to announce that the result of our residency will be exhibited in the Normann Copenhagen flagship store in Copenhagen! We would be very happy to see you for the opening of the exposition on November 27 from 15.00-17.00! Come and join us for a glass of wine to celebrate our very first exhibition!

The exposition will be on show until the December 11, 2014.
Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store Østerbrogade 70, 2100 Copenhagen
Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 18:00 Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00



Viewpoint / light lab exposition

Questioning the meaning of light and investigating alternative materials to rethink the lamp as an object. The Viewpoint/Light Lab exposition invites you to experience an ongoing search for a new typology of light.

This exposition gives a small insight into the experimental process that Chudy and Grase have gone through during their residency at the Danish Art Workshops.

The exhibition will consist of three parts demonstrating different interactions with light and materials. Chudy and Grase will present the “Viewpoint” light panel that allows the viewer to co
ntrol the reflection of the mirror. The new lamp collection “Strike” uses different  materials to reduce light to its core qualities. Visitors can test these materials in the “Light Lab”, allowing them to understand and experience their properties.

The exhibition will be on view until December 11, 2014.