decide if you want to see yourself or let your reflection vanish into white


    Doctors say that people with depression perceive the world more realistically than healthy people. That means most of us actually don’t see life how it really is and why should we if it is more fun to play with what we see or what we DON’T see. Inspired by this phenomenon we researched on different aspects that allow us to play tricks with our vision.

    “ViewPoint” is a mirror with a light panel. While you slide the mirror above the pattern – you can decide if you want to see yourself or prefer that your reflection dissolves into the white. This is the moment when you are in complete control, make your choice and enjoy the view.


    Selected project for “Time To Design” new talent award
    Selected project for IMM Cologne “Pure Talents Contest 2015″
    Selected project for Ambiente 2015 Talents