Chudy and Grase

This Autumn has been the most exciting time of our lives. The new life in Danish Art Workshops in Copenhagen has given us a perfect environment to experiment and test our ideas. During our residency we have been developing our Viewpoint project and investigating alternative materials to rethink the lamp as an object.

We truly believe that design is not just the end result that is available in a shop but instead it includes a lot more. We want to give an insight or our life for past few months in this beautiful city. Lots of fun, dirty hands and sleepless nights. Is it worth it? Let’s see on November 27 at the Viewpoint/Light lab exposition opening! We hope to see you there!

Chudyandgrase_testsIMG_0034 Chudyandgrase_Food Chudyandgrase_tests_lights Chudyandgrase_office Chudyandgrase_welding Chudyandgrase_photoshoot Chudyandgrase_mirror IMG_0008 Chudyandgrase_light Chudyandgrase_copenhagen  Chudyandgrase_breakfast Chudyandgrase_office Chudyandgrase_tea with louise Chudyandgrase_tools Chudyandgrase_tests Chudyandgrase_tools Chudyandgrase_fixing lights Chudyandgrase_moodboard Chudyandgrase_wall Chudyandgrase_shapes Chudyandgrase_Hans Chudyandgrase_sketches Chudyandgrasedelivery Chudyandgrase_researcg