Every home has its own unique feeling created by the people living there, the interior, but also the things you cannot see on first sight – the little hidden moments.
We design to create everyday furniture and products with little moments of discovery by going back to zero and looking all around us. Our inspiration comes from looking into other fields, such as new materials, techniques and methods, but also art, biology and physics. We implement these results in our projects in order to not only design the shell around it, but to rethink the product from the beginning.
We have been working side by side for four years at the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL), practicing conceptual thinking and “hands on” working in order to realize our ideas. Studio Chudy and Grase is the result of uniting our strengths to design for those who search for typical things that are made differently.


“Time To Design” new talent award 2014 (Copenhagen)
National Winner and Shortlisted for the James Dyson Award 2014 (Netherlands)
Engel Benelux student award winners 2014 (Netherlands)
Product design 2014 (Latvia)
Best prototype design 2014 (Latvia)
Best personalised product (Latvia)
Winner of the Keep an Eye Grant (Netherlands)
Winner of the René Smeets (Netherlands)

Maison & Objet 2014 – Meet the Wicker
Design Isle 2014 – Meet the Wicker
Dutch Design Week 2014 – Meet the Wicker & Miito
Pure Talents Cologne 2015 – Viewpoint
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015 – Time to Design
Ambiente Frankfurt 2015 – Viewpoint, Meet the Wicker and Miito

Studio Chudy and Grase was founded by Nils Chudy (German) and Jasmina Grase (Latvian) and is based in Europe.